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    2.0.1.CR1 - Testing w/o Hibernate

    Jason Holmes Newbie


      I just upgraded to 2.0.1.CR1 from the 2.0.0.GA release. I'm having a problem with running tests in Seam.

      We're not using hibernate at all in this portion of our web-app, it's all done via webservices. So there is no need for me to include the hibernate jars.

      However, upon startup of the container with SeamTest I'm getting errors when Seam attempts to load the HibernateEntityLoader. It throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/Session

      How do I exclude Components from being loaded at startup?

      I don't see this error during my jboss deploy because I have hibernate already on the classpath for other ears.

      Any answers?