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    Thank you for in.relation.to / RichFacesPleaseWaitBox concur


      I find the blogs on in.relation.to to be most helpful.

      I just read


      By Christian. That it cool and I hope it will be integrated into Seam/A4J.

      I also like


      By Pete.

      These are very common scenarios and would be great to have them tightly integrated.

      I have been trying to deal with another very common scenario recently.


      Please see forum post for reference and current status.


      My conversation keeps being ended due to concurrent access and other erratic behavior. I think...

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      I think these 3 items should be included and easily configurable.

      Concurrent access problems seem to be my biggest hurdle in using Richfaces and Seam together.

      Please advise me on some reading material so I can understand this topic better.