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    Suggestion for Seam Release packaging

    Tim Newbie

      I'd like to make a suggest to include any future Seam release the build/support libs of any third-party framework that Seam uses.

      For instance, with Drools, Seam (2CR1) only includes 4 lib jars:
      antlr-3.0b7.jar drools-compiler-4.0.0.MR2.jar drools-core-4.0.0.MR2.jar janino-2.5.6.jar mvel14-1.2beta16.jar
      But, when users like myself needs to use the rest of the drools jar like drool-decisiontables, drools-jsr94, and other compatible lib package, we have to go search and retrieve these old build/parts one by one. It's tedious and lots of trials and errors to get all these things together.
      Lots of other project won't keep their old drop for long. So the need to keep these things together with Seam is real. You can make it build a lib directory after download just like Spring Framework.

      I found the only update that works with my Seam CR1: Drools 4.0.0, mvel14-1.2rc1, jxl2.4.2

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          Pete Muir Master

          The library management system changed completely in 2.0.0.GA to use maven. The JBoss maven repository has a policy of never deleting old releases, and we make sure all dependencies of Seam are deployed to the maven2 repo - so you should always be able to grab the necessary jars.

          We don't plan to bundle bits of other frameworks we don't use in Seam with Seam though.

          I hope that projects don't delete old releases - I've never come across that before!