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    session / SFSB timouts

    Rich Jones Newbie


      I'm trying to get to the bottom of what exactly triggers timeouts in jboss/seam applications. More to the point i am trying to handle a timeout event such that my app doesn't freeze and become 'unclickable'.

      I have tried altering the <session-timeout> element in web.xml, and this DOES seem to do something, ie my test bean will be destroyed after x minutes when this is set to x.

      However, when i set <session-timeout> to 45 minutes, i still get some kind of timing out after around 10 minutes so i figure it must be something else.

      I've next tried altering my 'ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml' file to change the 'idleTimeoutSeconds' parameter under simple.CachConfig (in 'Stateful Bean' domain). However, if i set this to say 1 minute, then set <session-timeout> to say 10 minutes, then bean is still not destroyed until the session expires, when surely the bean idleTimeoutSeconds should take precidence?

      Further to this i've looked into altering 'standardjboss.xml', ie <max-bean-life> element. This doesn't seem to do much either.

      Can anyone offer any assisstance, or point me in the direction of any info regarding seam timeout events and how to catch / manipulate them?

      Thanks in advance