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    rich:scrollableDataTable causes tabbing issues

    Tim Evers Master


      Our test team has brought up an issue that I think is due to the way a scrollableDataTable is rendered.

      If I have a component before and after a scrollableDataTable, when I am in component 1 and press tab focus seems to go to an invisible component. Then, when tab is pressed again control goes to my component after my scrollableDataTable.

      This I believe is caused by the fact that a scrollableDataTable outputs this html

      <iframe class="dr-sdt-substrate" frameborder="0" id="j_id350:carList:hs" scrolling="no" src="javascript:''"><br /></iframe>

      Is there any reason for this iframe? I really don't know enough about this component to understand what the point of this iframe is. But it does seem odd.

      Maybe allow us to put a bit of javascript on it so we can force focus on the next element.