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    Redirect and Message

    Diego Coronel Apprentice

      Hi, im trying to show a message in my xhtml using redirect on page.xml, but no message is showing.

       <navigation from-action="#{cadastroFornecedoresBean.merge}">
       <rule if-outcome="sucesso">
       <end-conversation before-redirect="true"/>
       <redirect view-id="/face/almoxarifado/cadastro_fornecedores/pesquisar.seam">
       <message severity="INFO">#{msg.sucesso}</message>

      and my xhtml:
       <h:messages globalOnly="true" fatalClass="faltalMessage"
       errorClass="errorMessage" warnClass="warningMessage" infoClass="infoMessage" id="generalMessages" />

      anyone know why ?

      ty, sry about english