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    UTF-encoded characters not displaying

    Jonathan Lannoy Newbie


      An other question about character encoding... I've seen a lot of question about that, but not reflecting my problem. Problems that I've seen were &xxx wrongly displayed. The solution was to use a tool like native2... (I cannot get the name right now anymore) to translate html characters to utf-encoded characters.

      I have installed the last version of JBoss tools, and I'm currently using Seam 2.0.0 GA. I'm working on a french web application, and all my accentuated characters are translated to \u... characters. So, as I've read from previous problems, it's good. But when I display the page... These characters are not displayed. Assume I have "currentTasks=T\u0089ches" in the properties file, I got a "Tches" in the page source code (Firefox, UTF-8 - IE not tried). Done using f:outputText and other components... My page are all set as UTF-8 encoding. Seam 2.0 should - I think - have no problems with UTF encoded characters, as it gives a _fr file with pre-formated messages.

      What could be wrong? Did I have to do something special?

      Thank you... And Merry Christmas!