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    How to access conversational components in the popup window

    dazhu tang Newbie

      I got the problem by the following scenario:

      1.Create the seam component in conversation scope

      2.in this component , i initialized a list called parametersList

      3.I used window.showModalDialog() open a popup window

      but i can't access this parametersList in this child page, because it is null.

      i can fix it by change the component context scope to Session instead of conversation. but i don't want to maintain so many objects in memory, is there some ways to call the conversation objects in the popup window.

      Note: the way that i open this popup window like this :

      1. window.showModalDialog(baseURL.value + "pages/cpi/Calculation_parameters_add.jsf", "", "dialogHeight:300px;dialogWidth:500px");
      2.the page structure for Calculation_parameters_add.jsp like this :




      Can someone give me some tips about this kind of situation?