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    Using couple of Faces components together

    Hussein Baghdadi Novice

      Is it ok in Seam application to use different Faces components together?
      Like ICEfaces, RichFaces, Ajax4Jsf, Trinidad, woodstock

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          Pete Muir Master

          Some work together, some don't (e.g. Trinidad and RichFaces are fine together, IceFaces isn't fine with anything else AFAIK). You really need to ask on the relevant mailing list for the project. Seam should work with all of those (though we have no examples for woodstock).

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            Alexander Seitz Newbie


            I think I found a little incompatibility between Trinidad and Richfaces in terms of partial page rendering!
            Imagine you use the Richfaces/a4j attribute reRender="somePart" on an command button and "somePart" is the id of a containing a Trinidad table. After rerendering "somePart" the CSS-styles of the Trinidad table are gone! That is really nasty!

            Another thing which is really brothering me is the following error I get when using latest Trinidad 1.2.4 together wich Richfaces/A4J:

            2007-12-13 11:29:23,574 ERROR [STDERR] 13.12.2007 11:29:23 org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.CoreRenderKit createResponseWriter
            SCHWERWIEGEND: No RenderingContext has been created.

            Has anyone any idea how to solve these issues?