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    Seam & BPM - is there a way to 'filter' taskInstanceListForT

    Rodrigo G. Hartmann Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I have a business process where I assign tasks to pooled actors. All good and simple, assignment working as it should.

      I must, however, further restrict access to tasks in a pool. What I mean is best described with an example: Suppose I have a "shipping" task, assigned to the role "shippers". But, I have my shippers divided by geographic areas, a database table association between the shippers (users) and the areas they can ship to.

      Since I cannot express this division in the BPM script itself, how could I further filter the 'taskInstanceListForType' results for a shipper? Is this solved using Drools for task assignment (not sure about that), or should I leave that concern to the control/presentation layer?

      If I should delegate such a 'filtering' responsibility to my own software layer, what approach would you suggest I take?

      Thank you guys in advance, for any insight, or the sole courtesy of reading my post ;)