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    rich:fileUpload...javascript hook after each upload

    Zack Marrapese Newbie

      I'm trying to create a progress bar that keeps track of the total files which are being uploaded, and increments after each file's upload has completed. However, I have been unsuccessful to date.

      I see the onuploadcomplete event, but this only seems to fire after all the files have been uploaded.

      The fileUploadListener allows me to tie into my backing bean with a listener after each file is uploaded. However, I can't update the DOM from there.

      I realize I can use the progress bar in ajax mode, but I'm not really interested in it polling the server. Also, this will be slow to respond unless I set the polling interval very small.

      Ideally, I want to update my progress bar after each file has been uploaded using the javascript API.

      Any suggestions?
      Thanks in advance,