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    marx3 Apprentice

      I have a form to submit picture. This form can be called from many different other forms, because I can attach pictures to many different objects. Hovewer I would like to have "Back" button acting like BackButton in browser. So I should always back to the form which has called my form. How should it be done in Seam?

      Let's face simple example: FormObjectA and FormObjectB calls FormPicture.
      How to define "Back" button so it back to caller?

      I've tried:
      1)many buttons with "rendered" attribute one for each caller (works but tedious) connected with many "rule if-outcome" in XML
      2)render button with binding method returning proper action (has problems when binding takes place in stateful bean)
      3)"navigation from-action="back" and rule-if connected with some parameter set in bean - working, but there are problems with passing parameter
      4) What I think about but don't know how to make properly is to program javascript:go(-1) and have faith in proper behaviour of backButton covered by Seam.