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    <s:convertEntity /> within pages.xml

    Damon Chong Newbie


      I would like to pass a parameter from one seam page to another which is of type EJB3 entity. I am not sure if this is supported. I tried to use the <s:convertEntity> within pages.xml but could not get it to work (see details below). Lastly, if this is not supported, would the Seam team kindly consider supporting this feature? I will put up the request officially if there is any remote chance that it may be considered.

      Many thanks in advance for any feedback. 8-)

      In the first seam page, I have this entry in pages.xml

       <rule if-outcome="ViewEdit">
       <redirect view-id="/subfunc/viewEdit.xhtml">
       <param name="strain" value="#{searchStrainCtrl.selection}">
       <s:convertEntity />

      ...and in the second seam page, this is the entry to retrieve the page parameter in pages.xml.

       <page view-id="/subfunc/viewEdit.xhtml" login-required="true">
       <param name="strain" value="#{vedStrainCtrl.strain}">
       <s:convertEntity />