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    [Beginner] launching a non-predefined workflow. Is my approa

    Jerome BATON Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm new to Seam+Jbpm.

      I have to start a simple workflow (a few nodes long), that contains a task for each user that the workflow initiator has chosen amongst a list of users.
      All I have is their username. The number of selected users is variable.

      I thought of generating the Jpdl definition through Freemarker.
      The N tasks are after a fork.

      The general form of my workflow is, (for 3 users)

      | | |
      | | |

      Then, I register the definition and create an instance.

      I noticed that unfortunately, Freemarker's directives, based on the sharp #sign collide with the JSF-EL and then, it's not possible to use JSF beans methods as actions but only ActionHandlers (unless I replace the JSFEL before and after the FM processing).

      Is my approach correct ? It seems a bit complicated
      What is the simple way to share data between ActionHandlers ?

      Thank you