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    Seam transaction problem (maybe unclear)

    dreu zel Novice

      I need to do a lot of independent updates in one session.(JTA)

      principaly I need multiple Begin/commit sessions

      and I use a delegate session to handle the transactions.

      even though (all/most) transactions are commited successfull
      i suffer from the main transaction being timed out.
      This apearently causes all (previously committed ??!?) transactions to be rolled back

      I understand, seam handles the transactions itself using (8.2Seam manged transactions )
      mentions :
      use an extended persistence context that is scoped to the conversation, instead of to the transaction

      use two transactions per request; the first spans the beginning of the update model values phase until the end of the invoke application phase; the second spans the render response phase

      is there some solution to the problem , Whatever happens a long
      operation gets terminated by a timeout