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    Jean-Paul RITZ Newbie

      I have use a rich:listShuttle in a application my question is
      how can I disable the move control buttons when I select a row in the sourcelist wich has some contraints
      I have a onclick action
      <a4j:support event="onclick" action="#{typesExtrusionBean.onClick}" reRender="panelDetails" />
      and can move a row in target list only when this constaints are resolved
      I didn't want to rerender all the shuttle only the buttons is this possible

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          Florian Marwede Expert

          on first glance I don't think that's possible, because it is at the moment not possible to trigger the event you want - assumed my understanding of the dev guide is correct. Don't think you could work with a4j:support here in the way you suggest.

          RF-Team, please refute me if possible ;-)