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    #{messages[...]} and ChoiceFormat

    Auke van Leeuwen Newbie

      I have some issues with h:outputFormat and ChoiceFormat if I use the 'messages' bean for the internationalization.

      <h:outputFormat value="#{messages['view.choiceformatkey']} - {0} times per {1} {2,choice,0#minute|1#hour|2#day|3#week|4#month|5#year}.">
       <f:param value="1" />
       <f:param value="1" />
       <f:param value="3" />

      This will give me:
      1 time per 1 3. - 1 time per 1 week.

      view.choiceformatkey is the exact same string as the one I use directly in the outputFormat tag, however the 'choiceformatted' string is not correctly displayed. It simply displays the number that I give as a parameter.

      Am I doing something wrong or..?