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    Seam WebService with custom soap:address location

    Marius Oancea Novice

      I've tried to play around with @WebContext, @WebService and some other advices found at http://jbws.dyndns.org/mediawiki/index.php/JBossWS_FAQs#How_do_I_know_what_endpoint_address_is_being_used.3F but i fail to make the generated wsdl file containing a custom url like for example:

      <soap:address location="http://www.here.com:8080/services/MyService" />

      Anythink I try, the generated wsdl is containing:
      <soap:address location="" />

      or in general the IP of the server instead of name.

      This is unacceptable ona production environment.
      Any clue how to do that?