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    profile based component configuration

    Marius Oancea Novice

      Sory for the post. Again:

      I have an application that is deployed on many servers (A, B, C).

      my compunents.xml has a section where i configure component X like this (on server A):

      <component name="XComponent">
       <property name="pr1">5</property>
       <property name="pr2">6</property>

      on another server (B) tis section has to look like:
      <component name="XComponent">
       <property name="pr1">2</property>
       <property name="pr2">3</property>

      Is there a posibility to include an xml into components.xml? Because the rest of the file is equal between servers.

      I can create a components-A.xml and components-B.xml and at build time to make the copy of the rigth file into components.xml but this makes modification of components.xml difficult (because you have to maintain the common area in many places). Is there a way to make a
      <include file="components-A.xml" />
      in components.xml ?

      Or is there another nicer mechanism to configure XComponent to be profile(server) specific?