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    Lifecycle question

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie

      Well it's not a "JSF lifecycle" question in fact, but I guess it's related.
      I want to use a stateful bean, backing a xhtml page.
      The link is like this:

       <s:link view="/PageactivitesByAssignableMultipleCrossData.xhtml"
       <f:param name="realise" value="false" />
       <f:param name="lot" value="true" />
       <f:param name="lotLotId" value="#{forfaitHome.lotLotId}" />
       <h:graphicImage value="/img/folder_user.png" />

      Correct me if I'm wrong but the event order is:

      1) instantiate the destination bean
      1b) injections
      1c) Pass througt the @Create method if there is one
      2) execute the "action" method
      3) send the GET parameters
      4) make the re-direct to display the view

      Am I right ?

      In fact, my problem is to use a value passed as a parameter during the @Create annotated method.