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    Newbie question about testing

    Michael Price Newbie

      I was looking at the JBoss projects page and noticed JSFUnit. I have also been reading about the Seam Test NG capabilities. It looks like they would both be useful in testing. Just from reading about them it looks like to use them both I would have to use them completely separately. So I guess I would actually have to have completely separate test projects (I use Eclipse) and just run the tests sperately. Is that the correct/best way?


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          Stan Silvert Master

          For now, the answer is yes. They would be used separately, though you could kick off both kinds of tests from the same build.

          I'll be talking about both in a presentation at JBoss World if you are joining us in Orlando (Feb 13-15). In fact, my next task is to work on testing Seam apps with JSFUnit. So by that time, I should have a better answer for you.


          Stan Silvert