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    [newbie]is there a "pageBeginRender" in seam?

    Martijn Hinten Newbie


      In another framework, Tapestry, there exists a "pageBeginRender" method that is called on the "backing bean" at the start of the rendering phase. Is there an equivalent for Seam 2.0?

      What I am trying to accompish is: I want to do some logging and initialisation on my SLSB/SFSB each time the page is rendered. So each time I hit "refresh" in the browser, I want to be able to see a log message in my log saying something like "Hello from page X".

      Maybe I am missing something completely?

      The reason behind this is that I am developing some seam portlets and want to log each time a portlet gets rendered and am trying to acchieve some form of IPC that way. By the way, what is the best way to IPC in seam2?

      Thanks for any help on either question.