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    Richfaces and seam-ui

    Dominique Galland Newbie

      I use richfaces but without seam. Some tags of seam-ui are really practical, for example s:selectItems or s:convertEnum (the others are strongly bound to the seam framework)
      It would be useful to be able to have these tags in richfaces independently of seam.
      Personally I have builded a subset of seam-ui tags.


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          Jay Balunas Master

          I agree with you, a lot of seam's component are generic and not bound to seam functionality directly.

          Many could be useful for RichFaces to implement, however many are not related to Ajax and are more utility type components that might better fit in an independent tag lib. That does not mean that RichFaces should not add some where it makes sense.

          We would like to here more about your implementations and thoughts. Could you provide some more details?


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            Dominique Galland Newbie

            Thank you for your answer,
            I think that really very useful components are:
            (less and cleaner java code in managed beans).

            For my needs, I simply took the code in seam and I rebuilded them(I had only to remove some code relative to Entity in selectItem)
            I do not really know what would be the best organization for libraries. May be:
            - In seam-ui all components relative to seam(entities and conversation)
            - The other in rich-faces
            I do not see the utility of a third non Ajax library (one could use richfaces components without or with very little Ajax functionality).