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    Adding dependencies to a Seam Eclipse (with JBoss Tools) EAR

    Stian Lindhom Newbie

      When I create an Eclipse EAR project I get four "projects" in Eclipse:


      When I right click on projectname and select "New Seam Action" it creates java files in projectname-ejb/ejbModule and some xhtml-files in projectname/WebContent. I assume this is the correct beahviour?

      projectname-ejb/ has a classpath container called EAR Libraries that references the libraries in projectname-ear/EarContent that was automatically added when I created a new Seam web project. If I try to edit this classpath container Eclipse tells me that "The EAR Libraries classpath container dynamically computes the J2EE project's module classpath dependencies using the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF Class-Path entries."

      So I have tried adding my jar libraries directly to projectname-ear/EarContent, updating application.xml, and updating MANIFEST.MF but of no use. So, how do I properly add extra jars to my project that is accesible for the files in "project-name-ejb/ejbModule" (if this is where the files are supposed to be)?