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    eclipse and jBPM - how to add a process definition in Eclips

    Wouter Hartog Newbie

      I have Eclipse Europa installed (v with all the plugins downloaded from the JBoss Tools website (latest version as of Jan 14 2008).

      When I want to add a process definition in this project, the only option I have in Eclipse under 'File -> New' is 'jBPM -> process' definition.
      So I select that, but it always generates a file called 'processdefinition.xml' under a subdirectory with the name of the process definition.

      Problem is that Seam assumes that the xml file with the process definition is placed under the 'resources' directory. When I move and rename the file to the Seam 'standard', the process definition xml file doesn't open in the jbpl editor.

      This is somewhat cumbersome to have to keep copying and renaming the file every time I change the process definition.

      Am I missing something, or is this the way it works with Eclipse?

      Thank you,