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    Conversations doing my head in - help

    Mikael Andersson Master


      Just picked up the Seam framework again and I'm currently struggling to get conversations working.

      My setup:
      JSF Mojarra (latest)
      Seam 1.2.1
      RichFaces 3.1.2
      JBoss 4.0.3SP1
      Facelets 1.1.14 (I think)

      My problem is simple what ever I try I can't get the conversation promoted into a long running one. Or at least that is what I suspect is going on.

      I have an action method annotated with @Begin(join=true) , and I am trying these ways of calling it:

      <s:link value="SeamLinkSearch" action="#{cptySearch.search}"/>
      <s:button value="SeamButtonSearch" action="#{cptySearch.search}"/>
      <h:commandButton action="#{cptySearch.search}" value="search"/>
      <a4j:commandButton action="#{cptySearch.search}" value="ajax search" reRender="searchResult"/>

      At the top of the page I have a #{conversation.id} printout, so I can see that the Id gets incremented for each submit.

      The first two Seam components doesn't even invoke the action method, from restore view they jump immediately to render response.

      The last two buttons, executes the action but the conversation Id is incremented.

      I think I'm missing something simple here... be gentle.

      Many thanks,