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    Seam Remoting Chatroom Example

    Samuel Doyle Apprentice

      So looking at the documentation section 21.11.1

      21.11.1. Configuration
      Before you can subscribe to a JMS topic, you must first configure a list of the topics that can be s
      ubscribed to by Seam Remoting. List the topics under org.jboss.seam.remoting.messaging.subscriptionR
      egistry.allowedTopics in seam.properties, web.xml or components.xml.

      There also should be an entry for this also somewhere for the following

      <remoting:remoting poll-timeout="5" poll-interval="1"/>

      I don't see either configured for the chatroom example.

      Can someone provide a full working example of using remoting with JMS Topic subscriptions?

      Thanks, S.D.