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    Multiple field validation and JBoss Seam 2.0 -- Various appr

    Hari N Newbie

      I tried following the approach given in
      by using the @Expression framework detailed there .
      The validation happens but Seam proceeds to the after phase and then fails when it tries to persist the form .

      The solution is elegant since it takes care of both the UI approach and using an API approach but I did not find a way to stop seam from not going to the next phase if validation fails.

      For now I am using

      Hope this helps people who are searching for a similar solution


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          Hari N Newbie

          I did some more digging around and figured out that I can get Case 1 to work if I set the FLUSH MODE to manual .

          There does not seem to be a way in the components.xml to set the flush mode to manual . All the documentation point to the use of an @Begin in the page.xml .

          My application does not use the @Begin in the page.xml .

          Is there some way I can set the EntityManager to MANUAL . The initEntityManager() function seems to take the value as AUTO always