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    Odd Rendering for rich:comboBox


      This will be a tough one to figure out, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I am trying to place a rich:comboBox on my form, but the button to press to reveal all choices ends up spanning the length of the text box and thus covers it up. So all you get is one wide button with no apparent text box (though it is hidden behind).

      I am sure this is a function of some CSS rule or combination of rules I have somewhere. But rather than provide all those rules, does anyone have a suggestion off the top of his/her head as to what might cause this?

      Or maybe more easily, which CSS class (e.g. rich-combobox, rich-combobox-shell, etc) should I tinker with to get the greatest likelihood of success?


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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          You could check any CSS related conflicts using fireBug. Update us about styles which break your layout if you will still think that we shoud reveal this on our side using some additional default CSS properties.

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            Thanks for the tip. It turns out that the issue was a global CSS rule I had for input[type=text] cases where I defined the width to be 15em (among other things). Because the button on rich:comboBox is built with 2 readonly text boxes, they covered up the input text box tied to rich:comboBox. To resolve this, I couldn't think of a better approach than to get rid of the width component of that rule and create a class for all my form fields with the original rule and apply it.

            Is there a less invasive way to resolve this? I admit I am not the biggest CSS expert.

            The button is now the right size, but I can't seem to get the text box to have the same size and font size as the others on my form. I have tried styling using the inputStyle attribute on rich:comboBox.

            When it comes to box size, the box gets bigger which is good, but the button doesn't "go with it." It stays in the same position as it was when the box was its original size.

            When it comes to the font, nothing I do is having an effect, and I have tried using inputStyle, overriding rich-combobox-input, and other things.

            Any insight is appreciated.

            Thanks again.