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    Simple Question:  How do you submit a form with JSF and Seam

    Gene Campbell Newbie

      .... such that the Conversation context is maintained.

      I have tried every variation of <h:commandButton> I can think of. I have data going into the form like this

      <h:dataTable value="#{bean.things}" var="thing" binding="#{bean.table}">


      It's wrapped by a <h:form> and there's a <h:commmandButton/> I can't possibly type in all the different ways I've tried to get this stuff submitted.

      When the button is clicked, I get an exception that bean is not in the context (binding="#{bean.table}": Target Unreachable). This seems to be during the request. I never seem to get any control in my bean. It all seems like the Conversation is dead.

      I start the Conversation: @Create @Begin create() {}

      I have tried to <s:conversationPropagation/> when submitting, eventhough I don't think that's necessary. I read in one book I have that commandButton forwards the conversation state by default, and only needs to be ended or begun with this tag.

      I'm really confused. Can you just point me to an example, or tell me how to do something so bloody simple as submit a form from JSF and process in Seam? Or, what is the best way to debug?

      If you need more information, please ask.