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    .war file or .war directory?

    ciccio ciccio Newbie

      Hello I'm a jboss newbie.. I find somewhat troublesome the beginning or set up of a project: suppose I need to code an "helloworld" + link to "AnotherPage", I'm getting confused by dealing both with ".ear" folders, ".ear" file (compressed? already built?) I'm reading the examples and the seam tutorial, but I find the first example already too messy with injections, stateful/stateless things, half a dozen different xml files so I don't understand what they are really for, and if they are really mandatory in a helloworld tut.
      I'm quite a good asp/php/as3.0/c++ developer but I'm messing a bit too much in learning this jsp framework thingies, so I'm here to ask: what is the very very basic, minimal empty structure of a jboss seam page? the same I would get with an index.asp with an

      <% response.write "hello" %>
      in it?
      I will make it step by step from there, then :)
      Thanks, bye!