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    Conversation Beans and Session scoped beans resulting in "Co

    Francis LIMOUSY Newbie


      I just had the "Could not find stateful Bean" error in my application.
      After searching in the forum, I finally understand that a bean with a wider scope (Session) kept a reference of the stateful bean that cannot be find by other sessions.

      Here is some snipplets of my code:

      The session-scoped bean

      public class GestionAffichageBean implements GestionAffichage

      The stateful bean

      public class activitesByCollaborateurCrossDataBean implements activitesByCollaborateurCrossData
      bla bla bla ...
       public GestionAffichage gestionaffichage;
      yada yada ...
       public void setRealise()
       this.realise = true;

      Since I add the "gestionaffichage" calls in my stateful bean, "Could not find stateful Bean" errors appeared.
      I temporary moved the scope of "gestionaffichage" to APPLICATION to avoid problems but it's not supposed to be shared between clients.

      My question is: why does this error happen ?

      I mean, I don't have a reference of my stateful bean in my session-scoped bean; I have the exact opposite: an injection of my session-scoped bean in the conversation.

      So I don't get how the error is supposed to happen.
      Can't I inject a "wider" scoped bean in my conversation ?
      I certainly missed something here but I don't know what ...