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    How to get out of pageflow conversation?

    Joshua Jackson Master

      Dear all,

      When we are in the middle of pageflow conversation, how do we get out of it without getting illegal navigation error? Does seam provide a way to do this?

      I tried example from here:

      By using:

      <s:link view="/application/client/form.xhtml"
       value="#{messages['application.form']}" />

      Action in s:link

      and then set an action in pages.xml when we get out of the #{applicationForm.begin}. But that only works for one action. What if you're in the middle of another action in pageflow process? It doesn't work. Ok you can list all the possibilities but that is just too much.

      I have looked around the forum but it seems that the workarounds is on a dead-end.

      Has anyone found a global (works with all navigation possibilities) solution for getting out of pageflow conversation no matter what action we are in?

      Thanks in advance,