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    Multiple Domains

    eli hamburger Newbie

      Over the past week I have been reading a tremendous amount about jboss seam and how to use it. I'm very interested in using it for a new project I'm starting soon, but I'm couldn't find any documentation or examples described what I need.

      The easiest way to described my project is a large site that spans multiple domains. The system will need to have unified login - meaning one login for a user will work across all of the sites/domains. What makes this complex is that a user can have different roles in each site. For example, userA might be an admin in www.sitea.com, but only be a moderator in www.siteb.com.

      My question is as follows, is there a way to inject/set a site_id accessible by beans and security rule (drules)? This way when a user tries accessing a function I could check for the following tuple is a user has a roleA for siteA, or when a user goes to www.siteA.com/index.seam it will know to load with index for siteA and not siteB.

      Is this possible using the seam framework? standalone jsf? Any ideas on how I could implement it? maybe using a phaselistener?

      Thank you,