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    @Restrict on POJOs?

    Eric H Novice

      Looking at the Seam documentation, it says:

      Javabeans may be used just like a stateless or stateful session bean. However, they do not provide the functionality of a session bean (declarative transaction demarcation, declarative security, efficient clustered state replication, EJB 3.0 persistence, timeout methods, etc).

      And yet, in the Seam examples, such as wiki/src/main/org/jboss/seam/wiki/core/action/UserHome.java and wiki/src/main/org/jboss/seam/wiki/core/action/NodeHistory.java we see a @Restrict annotation used on a POJO.

      What's the deal? Are the docs wrong, or are the examples wrong, or am I misunderstanding this?

      This is quite important for me because I need to put @Restrict annotations on basically all the components in my app, to go with a detailed rules file to define who can do what to what.