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    Access UIDatascroller from EAR deployed component


      I have the following Seam component bound to a richfaces dataScroller.

      public class BaseUIDatascroller implements Serializable
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 884462853355775648L;
       private UIDatascroller datascroller;
       public UIDatascroller getDatascroller() { return datascroller; }
       public void setDatascroller(UIDatascroller datascroller) { this.datascroller = datascroller; }
       public void resetDatascroller()

      All of my components were in one jar in the root of my ear, but since UIDatascroller is in one of the richfaces jars in WEB-INF/lib I had to put this class in a jar under WEB-INF/lib as well.

      I had to raise and event to call this other component because if I reference this class directly from one of my other components there is a class loading problem.

      Is there any way around this?

      Here is a quote from the richfaces forum.

      "ishabalov" wrote:
      I guess Seam developers do not need such advanced function like you need in there samples. There is nothing wrong having Java classes in presentation tier, and your situation is perfect for such case. Backing beans must be in web tier.

      Here is a link to that comment.