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    seam-gen makes EARs that are 12X bigger than they need to be

    Joe Simone Newbie

      I created a new project with seam-gen create-project and then imported it into eclipse as a general project. After copying the helloworld source files into the project to create a deployable EAR I noticed that the EAR that gets built from build.xml is 12 times larger that the helloworld.ear from the 2.0 updated book samples download.

      helloworld.ear @ 889 KB
      newproject.ear @ 11377 KB

      How can this be? Did I do something wrong?

      It seems the small helloworld.ear deploys and executes just fine even though there are about 100 less libs in it!

      Thanks for listening!
      (the above was with 2.0.1.CR2 version of Seam and Europa Eclipse with JBoss Tools 2.0 GA)