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    JBPM sessionFactory and annotated entity

    Timo Schnölzer Newbie

      I have an entity model annotated in seam and working fine. My Processes are managed by JBPM also working isolated. Now i extended the TaskInstance for using an entity as an attribute in the TaskInstance:

      <hibernate-mapping default-access="field">
       <subclass discriminator-value="C"
       <property column="CUSTOMID_" generated="never" lazy="false"
       name="customId" />
       <many-to-one name="myContract" column="PROCINST_"></many-to-one>

      As the hibernate.cfg.xml has no access to annotatedConfiguration on the one hand and my persistence.xml can not take care of JBPM mapping on the other hand this relation is not possible?!?!?

      Do i really have to produce an dublicated mapping just for jbpm with MyContract.hbm.xml and all of its own relations?

      Is there an bridge to connect those sessionFactories?

      Thx for any input!