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    Problem with Ajax and injection with radio boxes

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie

      Yeah, i was wondering if anyone else had this issue and if there was a work around.

      So basically.

      I have a page with a bunch of inputs, i am using an Ajax call on a list box so when a certain list box is triggered it determines whether you need to select a radio box below.

      The radio box is a string that i apply an @In annotation to it.

      IT comes to the page disabled.

      When i select a specific item it will enable the radio box. I go to select a radio button and submit it. However nothing gets injected.

      Now here is the kicker, as i said it comes to the page disabled, if it comes to the page enabled and lets say you select somethign to disable, then go back to enabled it will WORK.

      its only when you go to the page and the radio box is disabled initially does it fail.

      Any ideas?? I can give some code if you need it but i am not sure if its a huge coding thing since as i said coming to the page enabled initially works.