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    Only 1 messages.properties files loaded in 2 WARs

    Reind D Newbie

      I have an EAR that contains 2 WARs. I have different messages.properties for each WAR. I've not been able to get them both to work. The message bundle first accessed seems to apply to both WARs.

      In other words, if I go to localhost:8080/a/ then the messages from a.war/WEB-INF/classes/messages.properties work. Then when I go to localhost:8080/b/ the messages for 'a' still work, but those for 'b' don't. If I access b first the situation is reversed.

      I've created a simple app that demonstrates this problem.

      I started with the registration example and then:

      1) Created two copies of the war
      2) Added WEB-INF/classes/messages.properties to each war (with different key=value pairs)
      3) Added #{messages['a']} #{messages['b']} to register.xhtml

      Wonder what's going wrong?