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    Join natural conversation ? how ??

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Hey I do not think that it is possible to merge your named conversation as you have in documentation in general example?

       action="#{teamManager.select(team)}" value="select">
       <s:conversationName value="teamHome"/>

       <conversation name="teamHome"

      As I understand from your documentation I have to use <s:conversationName value="teamHome"/> in my link to merge conversations, but I make my conversation name by team.id that is what the best choice is ;D. But how can they join them when team is going to be selected and and I am already asking for its id, even though that it is not selected yet!


      existing Conv1 -> team.id=1
      new Conv2 -> team.id=null ; select(team) ; team.id=1 => crash
      it takes value from team.id=null

      Did I miss something in documentation?

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          Tomas Cerny Novice

          My working solution that is such a hack but now I see the power we have ;D

          Please comment it or provide better solution

          public String select(Team team) {
           conversationId = team.getId().toString();
           Set<String> existingIds = ConversationEntries.getInstance().getConversationIds();
           for (String existingConversationId : existingIds) {
           String[] split = existingConversationId.split(":");
           if(split.length == 2 && conversationId.equals(split[1])) {
           getFacesMessages().add("Conversation already exists");
           return null;
           return super.select(team);

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            Pete Muir Master

            Did you look at the seambay example? This has an example of natural conversations.