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    Reorganizing templates in WEB-INF

    wan agus Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm pretty new to all of this and I'm still making way through all the configuration files. There's certainly a lot of them!

      One issue I have is how too manage all the template/xhtmls files under WEB-INF. Instead of putting all of them under WEB-INF, I'd like to store them under different folders, e.g:

      I'd also like each folder to contain both the seam page xmls (page.xml) and the templates (xhtml). Is this possible in Seam? If yes, which configuration file should I look at?

      I tried just moving around my files, but the default configuration only allow files that are directly under WEB-INF. For example:

      If I put registration.xhtml and registration.page.xml under WEB-INF, then I can just go to http://localhost/myapp/registration.seam to see it.

      If I move them under WEB-INF/registration, then http://localhost/myapp/registration/registration.seam doesn't work.

      Thanks for your help!