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    New Seam app in production - faulty behaviour

    Thomas Gerhards Newbie

      I just went into production with a new Seam app and see a problem now:

      After a few days of running perfectly only the first element of all Lists that I display with <ui:repeat> is shown. This behavior is seen application wide, for every List from every session bean, no matter if the List is outjected or accessed via getter, no matter if the sb is stateless or stateful or which scope the sb has. The List in the session bean still holds all the elements but only the first one is displayed in the <ui:repeat>.

      Nothing in the server log file. Only an app restart helps.

      I can reproduce this on my dev machine easily: I pick any page that makes use of any of the several session beans and press F5 for a minute to produce thousand calls or so.

      I'm helpless and scared as I have no idea why that is and how to fix this. Using:

      Seam 1.2
      JBoss 4.2