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    loosing seam initialization (in particular injection) when u

    cyberanto Newbie

      Env: Seam2.0.1.CR1/JBoss4.2.0/JBoss Development Studio/Windows XP

      I am having a problem with Injection failing to work for components which are programmatically added to the context, e.g.

      in the Action Class:

      Contexts.getSessionContext().set("catalogModel", newCatalog);

      the ModelClass:

      public class CatalogModel {

      @Logger private Log log;

      private SkuDAO skuDao;


      log and skuDao are null; Of course, the class has been created using new CatalogModel() ... I have tried to obtain the Objects by Context.get() and Components.instance(), to no avail. Had to new them into existence.

      catalogModel and skuDao show up as Seam Components in the server log during startup and e.g. the correct catalogModel is available to the web application. (the object does get set into the Context).

      Any hints, suggestions?