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    Seam a company solution for JEE development?

    Oliver Schoenhaar Newbie


      consider a company in a non IT area with >100 Java JEE developers in different locations around the world working on several projects (normally 3-5 developers per project).
      Due to existing infrastructure (Identity Management, Web Access management, Enterprise Service Bus) in which a new application must fit, some company frameworks regarding authentication have been written that should be used further on. These frameworks are based on Acegi. Additionally Struts, Spring and Hibernate are used, too.
      Would you recommend Seam as the default programming platform and thus as company standard? As far as I understand Seam with regard to authorization Acegi is more flexible (and more complicated ;-). Can Acegi be used as a replacement for the Seam Authentication and Authorization and, furthermore, be integrated seamlessly? Thanks in advance.