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    Seam doesn't inject components when using a custom ServletCo

    Jerry Jasperson Newbie

      I have a non-Seam component that implements the ServletContextListener interface that is dependent upon Seam components being injected. However, it appears that Seam hasn't fully activated any contexts at the time that my Listener is called from the container.

      This is a major problem for me and causes me to question using Seam since I will now have to refactor my previously Seamed components to work in a non-Seam environment...these components are infrastructural in nature (PersistenceFacade, etc) ..so if I have to go through the hassle of constructing them normally, why use Seam?

      If anyone has a workaround, this would be great. The @Startup annotation might be helpful, but it only guarantees construction, not execution.