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    Threads and @In JbpmContext

    Carlos Andia Newbie

      I am using jbpm to push a project application but i am stuck when i want to implement states between tasks.

      E.g. I have task1 and taskInstance2 and task2 have to start after x hours task1 finished.

      I place a state between those tasks to prevent task2 starts inmediately after task1 finishes and there is a thread that is checking if the lagTime (x) has been reached in which case the thread signal the state causing the token to move to the next task. The problem come out when I want to get the rootToken children or when i signal a state

      [ConnectionManager] forcing batcher resource cleanup on transaction completion; forgot to close Scrollable Results/Iterator?

      The line in which fails is not always the same, understandable considering that threads are involved. All transactions are with injected jbpmContext. Any idea of what is happening? Maybe a suggestion of how to implement this in a different way.