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    how to leave a long running conversation and start a new one

    Marcel Kolsteren Apprentice

      In my application I have an action method that needs to leave (not end) the current long running conversation, and start a new one. I tried the following options:

      • annotate the method with @Begin => that doesn't work, because it requires that the current conversation is not long running; adding "join=true" or "nested=true" is no option, because I would like a new, not nested conversation
      • in the JSF page, use the <s:conversationPropagation type="none"> inside the command element to leave the current conversation => that doesn't work either because it ends the current conversation after the restore view phase, which is too early, because the conversation is still needed during the next couple of phases

        I need something like an @Begin(leave-current=true) annotation, but it's not there. Of course, I can call the Seam API in my action method (using Seam's Manager class), but calling the Seam API directly in application code doesn't seem a future-proof solution. I start now with that approach, but I hope that someone has a better idea.