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    Outjected variables flawed.

    Tony Herstell Master

      I keep having to put all the getters and setters into my beans and not use @Out as I need the bean to have its @Create run (which populates the variables I am Outjecting)...

      Basically: Outjecting variables means that you don't have the @Create run. for the bean that holds them

      Anyone any idea how to get round this?


      public class ResourceAllocationControllerImpl implements ResourceAllocationController, Serializable {
       private List<Day> varX;
       public void init() {
       //set varX up

      doesn't work... as in the view varX is accessed but init() is never run.

      You have to add in getters and setters (lots of typing) and use a construct in the view like:
      <rich:dataTable var="eachDayForIndoorArena"
       rendered="#{not empty resourceAllocationController.varX}">

      instead of Outjecting and
      <rich:dataTable var="eachDayForIndoorArena"
       rendered="#{not empty varX}">