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    Natural conversation for wildcard view-id

    Jacob Orshalick Apprentice

      Is there any interest in being able to specify a natural conversation for a wildcard view-id? When a natural conversation spans a number of pages you currently have to explicitly state the named conversation for each view-id. It would be nice to simply specify the natural conversation for a wildcard view-id.

      For example, if my conversation spans the following:

      <conversation name="Checkout"
      <page view-id="/checkout/checkout1.jsp" conversation="Checkout" />
      <page view-id="/checkout/checkout2.jsp" conversation="Checkout" />
      <page view-id="/checkout/checkout3.jsp" conversation="Checkout" />
      <page view-id="/checkout/confirm.jsp" conversation="Checkout" />

      Instead I would prefer to use:

      <page view-id="/checkout/*" conversation="Checkout" />

      This is also especially useful for free navigation situations within the conversation that do not have navigation rules (i.e. the conversation spans many pages but can access any page at any time) to avoid specifying each view-id in pages.xml.